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Upgrade to the Jump box.
I've had the jump box going for a while now and I have been quite pleased with it but it is time for an upgrade.

There was 1 main thing that I did not like about the jump box - battery hanging out of the bottom and lack of ruggedness. Now, I'm sure both of those are due to the "upgrades" I have done to it. The battery is that large because I decided to put that size of a battery in it, which also offsets why it is not as rugged. I'm going to end up keeping that box but with a smaller battery in it, but for now I gutted it for favor of another box. 

The Pelican case, well sorta. Its the Harbor freight knockoff and honestly I dont notice any difference. This box gives me the ruggedness to throw it around and keep everything safe inside. 

There have been some upgrades to the jump box since I've last posted, heres all that it does now.

Solar input - 50w solar panel that plugs into the quick release on the side
Dual set of USB outputs 2 are 1.5a, the other 2 are 2.5a
Previous 75w inverter upgraded to 300w and 2 110 outputs
volt indicator

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