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Poor boy's keyless
So, in my little '94 Saturn, it didn't come with any sort of keyless entry. No power locks. No, nothing. So I picked up This kit

Now, I've used this kit several times on several different cars, in one variance or another. Most of them are identical with the exception of the key-FOB. Usually, when I install this kit in a car without power locks, I dont care about the FOB. I just use this kit for its brain that does the centralized locking, and obviously, the actuators. These kits, even though they are cheap (seriously, 20$??!?) dont act cheap.

Anywhoodle, The only thing this kit doesnt do for me is give any indication of it working. (Usually, I just wire it to some sort of actual alarm, and it does the flashing duty) That, had to change. 

Now, this setup is simple. Its just a simple SPDT Accessory relay (Bosche style 5-pin) being fired by the output of the centralized door lock. 
by the above diagram you'll notice I just used 2 diodes to isolate. This made it easier for me to just simply which ever side (of the wires going to the actuators) had positive to activate the relay. 

Short end of the story. The side of the diode that has the stripe, faces the relay. This allows the power to only travel one direction and not backfeed to the other wires. 

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