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Saturn Coolant Temp. Woes
So, from what I've gathered, a lot of people have cooling problems with their early model Saturn SL's. Initially, I thought there was just something wrong with the car - theres no way this can be "normal".

Well, I'm beginning to agree with the interwebs. 

Long story-short. The early model Saturn cooling fan did not turn on untill 3/4 the way up the gauge (basically, when you're already at the point of boiling). I've replaced the Radiator, Thermostat, Coolant, Reservoir cap.. nothing. I was beginning to think it was the dreaded "H" problem (head gaskets). The only problem I was having was - when it ran cool, it ran great! No Coolant in the Oil, or vice-versa and didn't smoke. 

Putt-putting around town ran perfect and didnt overheat, or boil over. Just, when it did Boil over.. it would overheat because of *that* fact. 

I'm convinced its just temp. Its getting FAR too hot to control its temp. I realize this is a common issue, but I was having issues believing that this boiling over thing was "normal"

Here's what I came up with. I picked up a simple 15$ independently controlled fan controller. I'm still using the on-board computer controller - I'm not going to cut it off at the knees.... just yet.

The controller is a simple 2 wire setup. Its "Out of box" intention is to act as an in-between for the fan and the power and you're supposed to switch the supply TO the controller. (I didnt do this, I'll explain in a min)

Here's how I ended up wiring it up. Negitive switch leg. I wired the controller (if you can really call it that) directly to the switch side of the fan relay. and plugged it back in. this allows the car to still be able to control the fan, as well, my controller still be able to work.

The temp probe, I stashed on the inlet side of the radiator (driver side, i thought at least lol)

Worth mentioning I have the temp knob cranked about 3/4 up. This turns the fan on at the halfway mark on the gague. Perfect spot! I did this because I also didnt want the fan to turn on when the sun is just beating down on it.

Also note, the check engine light turns on when the fan auto-on's. the light turns off again once the fan turns off

Hopefully this help someone.. sure the heck was annoying to me!

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