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Dell Poweredge Power supply Mod
So, I've been a "CB'er" for a number of years now. My primary power supply finally is starting to give up the ghost -  Its Voltage regulator is going out. Since I'm super cheep, I wanted to try and find another way of getting a power supply to work. After moping around for a while I started staring at a power supply that I had laying on my desk for one of my Poweredge 1850 servers. Now, The server has been de-commissioned for a number of years now but I just cant bring it to myself to trash it and noone on Craigslist will properly buy it (read up on that mishap here). After doing a bit of digging online on how to rig it to turn on without a soft switch, I realized I had a 44-Amp Powersupply complete with fan just sitting on my desk!

Basically, heres what you need to connect up, (note, this will keep it on with power from the outlet. I figured this worked easier because the fan on the PSU was always on anyway)


I threw some hot glue in the connectors so that it wouldn't encourage any shorting.

Overall, I liked it. Bit noisy but delivers great power!

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