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Raspberry Pi Wireless outlet/Christmas Lights
So I've been dying to set something up in my house that is automated. I re-purposed my HVAC setup for something (most likely) more permanent - remote controlled outlets. The setup is inside a copier power conditioner box that was dead. The box is perfect and it had 4 outlets already built into it. 

You'll notice in my attachments, I have a "bootcheck.sh" - I have "@reboot sudo /bin/bash /home/pi/output/bootcheck.sh" loaded into the crontab. On reboot it loads THAT script. simple enough, put whatever into that file and at reboot it loads it. (run "sudo crontab -e" and add that line into there, change the location to wherever you actually put it)

bootcheck.sh -basically, the bootcheck file runs the commands for you, again automatically at boot so you dont have to login. Here's mine. 

**edit** I split the all clear and all on into 2 scripts because i wanted to be able to just load up a all-on and all clear whenever i wanted. Sure I could've put both into one script, hell, i could've added all 3 into one script but since i wanted to be able to do this on-demand, i left them at 3 files.

Anyway, I'll let my video do the talking. Attached below are the scripts I made up, hopefully they are helpful. 


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20151130-201803 allclear.py
20151130-201803 bootcheck.sh
20151130-201803 outputcheck.py

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