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Re-Imaging Buffalo Linkstation
So, That was a bit or a nightmare. So, Long back-story short.. I was building up my new Mediasmart server and needed drives. My Linkstation (NAS) had 2 1-Tb drives in it - so I took them. They worked just fine.. wiped the drives and VOILA! perfect.  The server works great *knock on wood* and I'm happy. 

So, I had an old 1-TB drive from my old server and I wanted to install it into the Linkstation NAS. The only problem is... on the LS-WX software is installed ON the drives not firmware on the device so shoving a HDD into the enclosure and turning it on rendered a magical red 6 flash (i think it was 6 lol) and it wont boot. I look up on the support site and downloaded the latest software/firmware for it and it doesnt see the NAS. 

After scouring the interwebs I find out that I need to do a tFTP boot for it - Great! But then the uboot files for it was a complete pain in the butt. I found a couple but they looked shady (and were), so Here's what I did.. successfully.. so hopefully it helps someone else. 

**Make sure the HDD you want in the NAS IS EMPTY and has no partitions before doing this**

1 - Download the TFTP support file, and Latest firmware from the Buffalo site. 
2 - TURN OFF your firewall - sure you can add exceptions but you are going to be directly connected to it anyway so turn it off.. its easier, trust me - just do it. 
3. Setup - its much easier if you do it this way.. least i found because of the weird network setup. find a router or set up something with DHCP on it to hand out a 192.168.11.X/ address. You'll need it for when the device actually boots and you want to load the firmware. If you are using a router, OVERRIDE its address to, STATIC set your LAPTOP/PC to (yes, your computer will be dot 1) plug the NAS and your computer into the router.
4. Extract the zip file and run the TFTP boot.exe file as administrator, a command prompt looking window will open. 
5. Boot your NAS - when it flashes red, hit the function key on the back.. the power light will flash quickly. 
6. Wait - watch the tftp screen. if all is setup correctly, you will see it send 2 or 3 files to the NAS. after about 5 or 8 minutes, the NAS will reboot a few times and you'll see the power light solid and a yellow flashing info light. If you only have one hard drive in there, you will see a red LED from the back of the chassis.. thats okay. 
7. CLOSE the TFTP screen,  - at this point you can close it

8. Modify LSUpdater.ini file and add this
VersionCheck = 0
NoFormatting = 1


9. Run the LSLauncher.exe file and let it find the NAS. sit back and watch it. If the NAS is ready to work it, it will find it and load software. It will reboot a couple times. if it works it should boot without the tftp deal

It took me a couple times but ultimately it worked. 

Hopefully this helps someone else.... it sure was a P.I.T.A. to find the boot files that worked. so.. if you have the same linkstation.. hope this works

I'll be 10-10 on the side

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