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HP EX4xx OS Upgrade
Upgrading the OS on your HP Mediasmart Server? Well, theres a couple ways of doing it. The best way, that I would reccommend, is with a VGA debug adapter. Plug it in and go. Its the best thing you could possibly spend money on for these little servers because if you screw up something you can just log into the console directly. 

The catch though, to getting the VGA adapter is you cant directly install the OS to the box. Oh, It'll boot from a USB thumb drive. (Though, on the 485, you better have a blank drive in there otherwise it wont load up and going into the bios is tricky) But when you get to the part where you pick the drive to load to it will have a conniption. 

Save yourself the hassle. 
Get the VGA adapter (or build it. I did, TOTALLY WORTH IT!) Link here: mediasmartserver.net... 

Loading the OS
The easiest route? Find a computer you can "borrow" for 10 minutes. Take your primary drive, load it up into another computer, (If you are loading 64 bit you'll need to find something that can do it) Load the OS either by USB or CD and install it. When it reboots. STOP! Press the "reboot now" button or wait for it to reboot. But turn off the computer BEFORE it starts loading the OS again. 

Take the Drive out of the "borrowed" computer and put it in the Server - Turn it on and watch it load up. Type a admin password when it asks and voila! done. 

Now I realize there are other ways of doing it. This is the easiest way that I have found. The unattended methods were annoying and didn't always work for me. This way? 10 out of 10 successful. 


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