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Craigslist sales and reasonable idiocy..
Was thumbing around with different ideas on what to post. I was trying to keep this site as a primary "project" website.. but overall randomness seems nice too. 

Today, I'm going to talk about Craigslist. Typically, when you buy something on craigslist, you either have the barter item or you have cash (unless you agreed to a check or whatever). So for the past few weeks or so I have been trying to sell a Poweredge server on Craigslist. 100 bucks - nothing too crazy. Guy emails me and, long story short, wants me to drop it to his house. Me being a field technician, I'm all over the city at random times of the day - I found myself in his area. I arrange to meet up with him, he asks a bunch of questions about the server and offers me 80 bucks for it. I agree, but am not able to immediately come and drop it by.. I was able to about 45 minutes later though. 

I notifiy the guy that I am ON the way to his location and will be there in about 15-20 min. get to his location, park (in downtown no less..) and THEN he texts me saying "oh, btw, I dont have cash but I can paypal".. SERIOUSLY? I counter with.. if you paypal me, it'll be the 100$ not 80.. he texts back saying tomorrow would be better and that he might have another offer on the table for another persons server. Great!. So I leave, get back on the highway and then he comes back with "well, if you were at my front door I would've paypal'd you the 100 bucks".. SERIOUSLY DUDE? I WAS THERE!

If you are going to Craigslist something, Offer money for it, arrange for someone to DROP it off to YOU because you have no wheels. dont you think having CASH would've been on the top of the list??



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